Kingdom Co. is a Thai registered company headquartered in Bangkok. Kingdom Co. is a sports entertainment company specializing in event promotion, production and multimedia which has worked with some of the biggest organizations and brands in Asia.

We have a young, dynamic team with a strong working knowledge of social media and modern consumer trends. In the past Kingdom Co. has provided content and event related services for businesses like Fox Sports Asia, the UFC, ESPN Star Sports and Vice.

Among the services Kingdom Co. can offer is a bespoke production for any event in the sports and entertainment field. Whether you are putting on a fight card, a pop concert or just a party we can handle every element of the show from sound to audio visual to ticket distribution and crowd control.

Our team has also provided content which has appeared on Fox Sports Asia, Astro Supersports, True Visions and numerous other linear and traditional platforms. Whether you want a 30 second video for facebook or a full on documentary series for broadcast TV we can provide a bespoke, professional service.

Among our previous projects include a Prison Fight documentary for Vice, which has had over a million views on youtube, and Live From Bangkok which appears on various Fox Sports Asia platforms.